Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Two, Gift Two

I woke up with excitement about today's challenge. I actually had a bounce in my step coming down the stairs...seriously! I have been spending some time on another gift that you will soon find out about, but since it wasn't quite ready, I decided to focus on a different gift for today. I was thinking about all that we have as I clean out our closets...have you ever bought something you already had just because you didn't even know you've had it?

I'm reading a great book by HGTV called "Mission Organization" was this book that inspired me to make three piles in each room...the keep, throw, and give away piles. Now the general rule is if you haven't used it in a year, then get rid of it!

I took this philosophy as I looked into my diaper closet. Yes, I have five children, most who are still in diapers...sigh...two who will never be out of diapers. Because of their disabilities our insurance sends us diapers once a month. It is a hilarious sight as the fed ex man drops off diaper and pull up boxes that stack to the ceiling. The kids dread diaper day as we unload all the diapers into the large diaper closet.

Last night, it occurred to me that yes, while we use the diapers each and every day, we have approximately a half of pack of diapers left each month. Over the past year, this has resulted in have a stack of "extra" diapers. I calculated that we could probably get away with giving away ten packages - 180 diapers! It wouldn't cost me any money (I'm trying not to go broke with this challenge) yet it would really bless someone else who does have to pay for diapers! They are expensive!

I thought about who I should give these diapers to and I thought of a fellow homeschooling mom who has six children under the age of nine...much like us, except hers are all natural! Oy! Anyway, I thought there has to be at least ONE of her children that would fit in these diapers as she has so many, right? I think probability suggests this...I hope?

So on my way to the grocery store this morning (yes I have energy to go grocery shopping!) I plan on leaving them outside her front door. I don't know if she reads this blog or not...I don't know really who is reading it, but I love you and I'm so excited to give you my second gift.

I'm feeling so healthy today that I asked my husband to go on a date. He was pleasantly surprised and of course said "yes"! I'll check in with my reflection tonight.

My Reflection: OK, so it's about 8:30pm...mind you, I'm always asleep by now, but I'm not...I'm awake. Actually, I haven't napped once since starting this blog which is making me realize the healing potential of giving to others. I was so excited about my gift today, I felt like Santa! I sneaked up to the house and put the diapers in front of her door where she could see them, but you couldn't see them from the road. I did a little math and I think those diapers will cover her for a month for one child! I'm so excited! So I laid them quietly next to her statue of Mary outside her door and drove away with a high I can't explain. Then I did all my grocery shopping and as I came home the exhaustion started to hit but I had already asked Tim to go on a date so he was getting ready at home. I pulled in and said, "I'm loosing steam, Tim"...he said, "It's OK, you can just go and rest." Well, I started telling him about how fun it was to leave the diapers and I took my medication and started to come around again. Since my energy was low, we decided to do lunch and a movie. Due to losing my income, we are finding ways to have great dates without the high price tag. We have found if we go out for lunch, rather than dinner, have the free appetizer with water and share a dinner, we not only spend less but eat less calories. We spent $20 with the tip and felt great and really enjoyed our lunch. Then we caught a matinee movie, which is also cheaper than going at night and came home. The kids were so happy to see us and I had enough energy to help put them to bed. They are there...and I'm still trucking. Tim is upstairs waiting to try and beat me on hula hooping on the Wii. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it! Good night!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea with the diapers!
Yesterday I had $30.00 left for 2 weeks after I gave the chambermaid a $20.00 tip. I wasn't concerned because God has always taken care of me and my children. As usual He came through. As I was balancing my checkbook I found a $150.00 mistake in my favor. My gift yesterday was to send $50.00 of that found money to the cancer society in memory of a friends mother who had died. I did this and I am still ahead.
I am having an hard time thinking of a gift today. There is a blizzard outside so I can't leave my house. Any ideas? Thanks for the inspiration. I am feeling pretty good myself.

About me... said...

Remember, your gifts don't have to cost any money. I knew God would sent you a grand gesture in your favor for your trust in Him. I've lived in many of blizzards myself and I would recommend shoveling off a neighbors car! I've done this before, I can't explain how nice it is to come out in the blustery wind expecting to spend twenty minutes trying to discover your car under a sheet of white...imagine, a neighbor walking out to find it done for him or her??? Let me know what you think! (Make sure it's someone you know in case they catch you, lol, we don't want the police called!) Another idea, since you are stuck inside all day anyway, is to follow my "Mission Organization" example. Pick one room, one drawer, a closet, anything...start putting things into three piles. Keep, throw away, and give away (which I like to call the blessing pile). You will not only bless your space as "less stuff" means "more room" but you will find some valuable items in there that could really bless someone else.

Make sure to post and let me know what you decide! I'm as excited to read about your gifts as I am to give mine!

Anonymous said...

my comment is about your statistic of 1% of Christian Families stepping up, adopting, in order to take care of not only the us foster care system, but other countries too. Although I beleive strongly that those who are anti abortion have a special task to step up (walk the walk if you plan to talk the talk) there are plenty of other great families who could provide loving homes.
I plan to forward your blog to everyone I know who is spending buckets of money to have a "biological" child. Bless you and your family--sounds like you're feeling the love and it's fueling you!

Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing person Des! I admire you so much and love you too! It was so funny...MaKayla came to me and said "Mom, there are diapers at the door." My first thought was...great I must have dropped some out of my diaper bag." Kelly was in the garage and went around. He said "Uh Kate..Come here?" So I went and we stood there looking at each other like..what in the world!? Then stood there trying to figure out who they were from. I called Rachele and asked if it was her and she said "Nope. They were there when I came to get Kayt this morning!" They fit both Dayna AND Paisley! What a chunker...LOL! So you really blessed us. December stunk financially (Diapers..stunk...did I just make a PUN!? Buahaha)so this was a HUGE relief for us! Luv ya!

Desiree said...

Honestly, the gift was to me. Being able to share a blessing that I have...not having to pay for diapers and sharing that meant so much to me. I was hoping to be all mysterious, but it's a small town! I'm glad you can use them and as I calculate if we have any extra I will be send them your way!

Anonymous said...

I love the diaper idea!Someone else gets diapers free!I'm thinking of doing the same thing when I'm a adult...