Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day Twenty-Eight, Gift Twenty-Eight

First of all, let me apologize for being behind on my posts.  My computer got a really bad virus and I haven't been able to get on at all.  Day Twenty-Eight really wasn't a day with a lot to write about.  I had two days prior full of energy and I really pushed myself.  I even lost another two pounds, so I'm up to ten pounds in nine days.  However, because of feeling so great, I apparently forgot to take my multi-vitamin and iron.  I am chronically anemic and not taking my iron causes problems, in addition, I've been eating only 300-500 calories per day and I need the multi-vitamin.  I woke up on day twenty-eight so weak that I couldn't make it to the bathroom by myself or hold my own drink to my mouth.  I literally slept the entire day and into the evening.  I realized I had forgotten my supplements and took a dose in the morning and a second dose in the afternoon.  By 8pm that evening I was able to make my way downstairs but it literally put me in a full out sweat.

Tim was finishing putting the kids to bed as I was just coming down.  I sat on the couch a while, feeling stronger, but my back was absolutely killing me.  The whole day on bed rest had done what it always does and my lower back started to spasm.  I decided not to wait this time and took a muscle relaxer right away.  I began to fall asleep from the muscle relaxer around 930pm when I all of sudden popped open my eyes and told Tim frantically, "I didn't do my gift today!"  I was panicked for a moment because I didn't even have the strength or reserve to get online  to do something.  Then I remembered the day before I had gotten address labels from St. Joseph's Childrens Hospital with a donation request.  I had set it aside to do as a gift.

I asked Tim to bring me the labels, an envelope, pen, checkbook, and a stamp.  As I wrote out the check sweat was pouring down my face, I needed to stay lying down.  It literally took everything out of me but I wrote it, stamped it, and addressed it myself.  Satisfied, I laid down and immediately went to sleep and slept through the night.