Monday, January 25, 2010

Day Twenty-three, Gift Twenty-three

I'm sorry I missed posting a day, we are going to get all caught up right now!

OK, so day Twenty-three was a tough one, my back was killing me from the day before's decompression therapy. The kids were jumping all over us around 9am and we were so thankful they gave us this long to sleep. However, Tim was a wreck. He had been called out around 3am for a DRE and hadn't gotten in but a couple hours ago. Tim is a "Drug Recognition Expert"...what this means is if an officer pulls someone over and doesn't know what drug they are on, Tim comes out and does an assessment. This is necessary for DUI's to be proven when it's not alcohol or another drug that comes up in a urine test. To get this certification, Tim has to do annual trainings throughout the country and then he is tested with real prisoners that come in and he has to correctly identify what drug they are on with 99% accuracy. Needless to say, there are not many DRE' Tim has been called out in the middle of the night four times already this month.

I could tell he needed some sleep and I was hurting. But I struggled out of bed and down the stairs, I was walking like a hunch back...but I was walking. I couldn't lift the kids very well, I did get Justin downstairs and everyone else walked. I was able to change everyone by having them lye down on the floor so I didn't have to lift. After getting everyone changed, Dakota helped me get breakfast ready and I tube fed Justin.

Then I put in a new movie the kids hadn't seen yet from Christmas and we all relaxed and laid around. Tim came down around 1130 and said, "Wow, thanks for letting me sleep!" I spent most of the day on the couch due to the strain in my back. I couldn't roll over, sit up, nothing. I was stuck there and very unhappy about it. Each hour I got worse and I finally submitted to the pain around 9pm and asked Tim to get me a muscle relaxer, I knew I wouldn't be able to get up the stairs without it. Once I got upstairs, I slept like a log and my back relaxed significantly...Why didn't I take that sooner? I'm not sure! But I know to tell my Dr. to lower the intensity on the decompression next week...I also know to take the muscle relaxer sooner...but all in all, it was a peaceful and relaxing day and I gave my gift to Tim who gives me more gifts on a daily basis than I can even count.