Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Twenty-Six, Gift Twenty-Six

Well, day Twenty-six has certainly been a challenge.  It started with Miss Abigail getting a cold and staying up half the night, followed by Dakota waking up coughing, and Justin gagging and having a hard time swallowing his saliva.  It was the strangest thing because I am always the first to get sick in the house and the last to get rid of not only were they sick but I felt it was inevitable that I, too, would get this cold.  However, I am typing to you this morning, not sick with all of my family members laying in the living room either sleeping or coughing or a combination of both.

I spent the day mostly working with Dakota on homeschooling.  He really hasn't gotten the attention he has needed due to my illness the past eight weeks, however, he is several grades ahead of his technical 3rd grade level so I always tell myself not to stress.  I have a teaching degree for K-8, but many times I don't feel I can keep up with Dakota's fast pace!  I was pleasantly surprised to see he has really kept up his studies on his own while I've been sick.  Without lesson plans or anyone hovering over him he has managed to keep going at a fantastic pace.  I looked at our goals and I expect he is going to complete the year before we had scheduled!  This has been our best homeschooling year yet.  I'm not sure if it just gets easier every year or if it is his maturity this year, but in the past homeschooling has been my number one stressor and that is just not the case this year.  I'm a bit overwhelmed by his Science course...he's finishing up a unit on animals and going into the human body.  He just dissected a worm and a starfish (shown in picture) with his grandfather, a retired Biology teacher.  I was worried about him being emotionally ready, but he loved it and is looking forward to doing more.  I have to look everything up because the science is much more than I know.  Even Tim who is known for his amazing memory has to look some of this stuff's tricky.

When Dakota saw me on the computer he said, "I know what your gift should be for today..."  Of course I was curious, he then said, "You made me feel better with my cold!"  I scrunched my brow, "I didn't really do anything, Dakota" I replied.  He reminded me that I got him orange juice, delivered it to his room, got him cough drops and just let him have an easy morning.  After he got going we got straight to studying...after about three hours and our eyes were starting to cross we called it a day.  It is wonderful for him to notice the little things I do for him, I don't think that is common of an eight year old.  We have grown especially close lately and have had a lot of time to talk.

I got through my day but couldn't bring myself to exercise which was disappointing.  I'm feeling pretty good overall, just very tired and a bit unmotivated to be honest.  I decided I would work on lesson plans and organizing my desk...I know it's under there somewhere, it has to be!  My respite provider was feeding my kids a delicious dinner while I organized, since I can't eat it's easier for me to be away at dinner time.  Luckily I only have a couple more weeks of this crazy calorie restriction.  It was around 6pm and someone really close to me called to ask for advice.  I was honored and as I reflect I think I said too much and didn't listen enough, however, I went in my room, locked the door and gave her my undivided attention for over an hour.  I thought this was a good gift for today and I know next time I'll do even better.  I also made sure to go on and vote for the inspirational quote I told you about yesterday.  There are actually four CMV stories on the quilt now which is just amazing.  I will have to do a slide show of the kids for you all.

I was able to go to sleep around 9pm until about midnight when Abbey's fever got really bad.  After giving her some medication, I couldn't sleep so Tim and I watched a movie.  Shortly after, Tim went to bed but Abigail woke up, I got her set up with a movie and then Justin woke up...sigh.  So, it's 9am and I've only gotten a couple hours sleep.  Wish me luck on my gift, I'm going to need it :-)!


Anonymous said...

Hi Des,
Sounds like you had a good health day yesterday. I am glad. I have tried to vote on the quilt but can't figure out how to do it. Advice please?
I have not done well on my gifts this week. I think I have to start over. That's ok. It something we should all be trying to do daily anyway.