Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Five, Gift Five

Hello Everyone!  I was bedridden today but because of some new medication I was very comfortable, not nauseous.  It wasn't hard to think of todays gift...It's something I've been wanting to do with my son, Dakota, but have been too nauseous and in too much pain.  I am an artist at heart and my oldest, Dakota, is almost nine and says he "hates" art.  He loves comic books and lego's..two things I haven't quite been able to relate with as of yet.

For Christmas, I had gotten him a "How to Draw" book on his favorite action figures.  Everyday since Christmas he has read it inside and out but didn't have the confidence to even try to make a mark on the paper.  He has asked me every day since he got it if I would help him and I've apologized and said, "No, I'm sorry, I'm too sick, today."  He is my hero, he would just give me a kiss and walk away disappointed.

This morning, after taking my medicine I was too weak to get out of bed, but I was pain free.  As he passed my room I asked him to grab all his homeschooling supplies and come into bed with me.  We plowed through his work together...which he loved, as he does most independently.  Then when we were done he said, "Mom, are you feeling well enough to help me draw?"  He had read my goal, my gift for today was to give him undivided attention and teach him to draw as I have a rough couple of weeks ahead of us.

I can't explain the twinkle in his eye and the excitement in his voice as he lept from the bed to get the art supplies.  We spent an hour and a half...which is HUGE for me...working on this figure.  It's not done as I got too weak, but Dakota kept saying, "You are such a great teacher...I'm good at this...Maybe I do like art?"  It was very meaningful to both of us.  He even commented as we finished..."We haven't gotten time like this together in a long time."  It is true.  This is a picture of Dakota helping me bake last of his favorite things to do is cook with me...

So my gift today, was long overdue, but I spent the entire morning, one on one giving him undivided attention.  I'm going to bed and have my next gift planned for tomorrow.  Hope you enjoy.


Joe (Opa) R. said...

Hi, Des. Having worked with Dakota myself, I know how much this strong-willed, inquisitive, brilliant critter can take out of you--even just trying to keep up with him! I also know that he is much more appreciative of what's given him, than others his age are. That gift, I'm sure, was worth the world to him.