Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Six Months and Counting!!!

I'm so sorry for the delay in my posts.  My Dad always knew something was wrong when I didn't call him every week...and I didn't post because I was going through some emotional stuff - I always need time to "process".  One of my special needs kiddo's got hurt very badly due to the neglect of a provider caring for her.  I was angry and sad...completely devastated...I felt like the world was unfair, how could a child that had been through so much abuse and neglect get neglected in my home???  I cried and cried and the wounds have finally healed and we are all moving forward.  I can't go into more detail due to the public nature of this blog, however, everyone is safe and happy, we have found a new provider and are all doing great.  Fantastic, in fact.

What I'm really excited to write about is tomorrow, June 30th!  It happens to be my birthday, but that's not what's so exciting, it is exactly half way through my one year challenge!!!!  I have been gift giving and I haven't missed a day, so this is a huge milestone to me...I'm rounding the corner into the home stretch!  Today, instead of listing all of the little gifts I've come up with here and there, I wanted to tell you about the gifts I have been getting in return!  It's been absolutely unbelievable...I'll never be able to remember them all, but this gift giving mission has turned into a gift getting mission and I feel so blessed.  Some examples include, I went through a Taco Bell...having a really rough day, so rough in fact, I ordered just a Rootbeer, my favorite soda, to keep me going.  As I pulled up to the window scrambling for change, the teen behind the window said, "Don't worry about it, it's on the house!"  I was shocked and so unbelievably grateful.  My dear friend and music therapist, Kelly, who is always giving gifts surprised me two weeks in a row with brand name boys clothes hand me downs....they were in perfect condition, cool clothes, all in Dakota's size which means we will be able to pass them down to Justin too!  Another day, my friend Kristen, our speech therapist, showed up with a huge box of pull ups that a family was getting rid of for Abigail.  Jamie has started calling me "mom"...(tearing up...this is HUGE!)  I've had friends give me rides, call, email / text, I've gotten invited to lots of stuff even though I have to say "no" most the time...a couple friends came to visit me on Sunday, and a new doctor I'm working with is going WAY above and beyond to help me, including checking in through email often...It's just been absolutely amazing!

So, thank you to everyone reading this, supporting me through reading this for the past six months is a blessing in itself.  I will try to be more diligent about posting over the next six months.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little gifts...

This week has been literally insane with several appointments, end of year parties, and graduations back to bootcamp!  My gifts have been super simple this day, after a really hard bootcamp, Tim was home but I decided to get up with the kids in the morning and let him sleep in....another day, I delivered something to a friend that she needed...another day I helped someone close to me through an anxious situation.  I've had so many blessings including the girl I've been tutoring passed her final and saved her years worth of work!

My favorite gift this week was getting the kids a little plastic pool.  I went to Walmart to get one for Abbey and Jamie and sitting next to the itty bitty ones was a large one with a small slide.  I told them that I had to have that as I could envision Abbey going up and down the slide over and over.  However, I only had my van...I hadn't really thought this through.  I got it out to my van and opened it up, it was obvious it was not going to fit in any way, shape or form, but for some reason, I kept going...folded down the seats and proceeded as if it would fit.  The salesperson told me there as no way, but I was fearless...of looking stupid, that is, and I grabbed that huge pool and I shoved and squished and because it was so hot from sitting out in the sun the plastic was actually pliable and that sucker fit!

When I got home, I snuck the pool into the back yard...I had to walk in it to get it to look like a pool again and filled it up with water...then the fun part, getting the kids!!!  They were so excited, they squealed!  Even Dakota was thrilled.  Long story short, literally four hours later, we are trying to convince them to come out!  Even Justin enjoyed it tremendously.  It was so much fun that something as simple as a little pool of water created that much excitement.  I love kids, they are absolutely amazing!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Promotion Ceremony...

The homeschooling program I designed and later handed off to an amazing homeschooling mom/teacher was having a promotion ceremony today.  I made up certificates of appreciation for all the teachers involved in the program and got flowers for the mom who took over the program when I got ill.  I was so excited to recognize their hard work.  What I didn't expect was that they recognized mine!  I was honored with a corsage and great thanks from the parents and teachers alike.  It was wonderful!