Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day Ten, Gift Ten

Oh my, day ten has been crazy!!!  I've had the gift giving opportunities flying at me left and right and I grabbed hold as many as I could!  I woke up fatigued it's Sunday and Sunday is our "date" day...we go out for about five hours without kids EVERY Sunday.  This was a strong recommendation of my counselor, I started seeing her after the death of my father and to help me cope with my new diagnosis.  So, it's about 10 am and I feel absolutely awful!  I tell Tim that I don't think I can do our date today and while he looks disappointed, he tries to disguise it with an upbeat "No problem" type response.

I couldn't stand it, if we didn't do our date then Tim wouldn't get a much needed break from waiting on me and the kids.  I kept saying to myself over and over again that I was going to feel better, I had to feel better, it was going to happen any moment!  I was so tired that when my sister called me, I had to cut it short, even though we haven't talked in a while.  I was getting frustrated with Tim because he kept having me repeat everything because I was "mumbling"...I just didn't have the energy to enunciate my words.  Now that is when you know you are weak! 

Then Tim mentioned that he would like to see the movie Avatar, he sort of hesitated with the statement because he knew what my response would be.  I started laughing out loud so hard that we were both cracking up in minutes.  Needless to say, I hate husband and son have watched Star Wars at least one hundred times and I am yet to see it!  Due to the seriousness of coming to grips with my diagnosis we've been only going to see light comedy movies aka "chick flicks"...nothing with serious content or drama, etc.  I could not imagine myself making it through a sci-fi movie...then the kicker, he added, "And I want to see it in the theater and in 3D"...OK, so this set me over the edge laughing because I don't do 3D...I don't do sci-fi, this was just the most ridiculous conversation we could possibly be having!  I told him that yes I was into "gift giving" but this was way outside any realm of gift giving I was willing to do.  We decided that he would go to the movies sometime in the next week AFTER the kids and I were in bed...and he'd go by himself.  But is was a great chuckle!

Tim then went to the grocery store for me...which I always do, but I just couldn't.  While he was gone I started to write my entry for my blog.  After doing that, I felt uplifted and started to think about my gift for today.  I remembered that I had promised someone I would write them a letter of tomorrow!  So, I got right to work.  I was very happy with the quality of the work and sent it on it's way.  This made me feel even a little bit better!  I had my gift for the day.  After this, I was sure I could handle going to the movies with Tim but sitting still is so painful for me I had to stretch.  I decided to go do Yoga on the Wii to stretch out and energize me enough to make it through a movie.  I am quite skilled at yoga due to ten years of dance and another ten years of yoga experience.  I topped all my highest scores on the Wii and even got the "Yoga Master" I was feeling great.  Then the Wii announced I had lost 3.5 pds since my last workout three days ago.  Since I started the medication that is making me sick in October I have gained 20pds.  It made me so nauseous that I couldn't eat anything so I was sure that it wasn't my eating habits.  I started weaning off it just five days ago and the weight is starting to come off...sigh.

OK, so after I get done yoga it is time to go on our date and I'm feeling pretty darn good when a girl scout knocks on the door.  She nervously reads her script to me and explains that cookies "make great gifts".  I thought, boy girlie you hit the right house!  I then tell her how I was crowned "Cookie Queen" in my prior life and while we don't need any cookies in our home due to dietary reasons we'd love to donate them to the military overseas.  So I bought five boxes to be sent and am thrilled to think of a soldier having a tiny taste of home in the near future!

Finally, I'm feeling so good that I tell Tim we should go see Avatar...he says to me, "Oh, are you too sick to go?".  I said no, that I wanted to go with him as my gift.  He started laughing, he had just watched me buy girl scout cookies and donate them for my gift.  He really didn't take me seriously.  Then I said, "I want to do the 3D too and I'm going to be happy about it.  I'm really excited!"  I think you could have knocked over his 6'4" frame with a feather...he's probably thinking, "Where is my wife???"

I was honestly so excited by my gift giving day that I truly did want to go see his type of movie!  And to tell you what, I enjoyed it.  I did experience quite a bit of pain from the length but Tim switched seats with me and rubbed my legs to get through it.  I told him this was going to give me "great material" for my blog and boy did he laugh!

So now I'm sitting in my bed, smiling about my wonderful day.  We had gotten movie tickets for Christmas and ate before we left so we did our whole date for $8 (drinks at the movies).  When I got home, Tim tucked me in like he always does and delivered the laptop for me to go to work.  He takes five pillows and he places them around me just right to minimize my muscle pain, he delivers me meds and water and then at 8pm when he puts the kids to bed he delivers me a fat free hot chocolate to help me sleep.  Oh...I'm in heavenly bliss, I am so loved and I love so much.

Good night!


Jessica said...

Hi, My name is Jessica Poginy and I work with your mother and she gave me info. on your blog. I am so inspired by you and will continue to read and comment.
Keep up the amazing work and your positive attitude.

Desiree said...


Thank you so much for your support. I have received two gifts today already, one was your wonderfully kind comment and when I was loading the kids on the bus outside the door making a neighbor wait for the wheel chair lift, etc. I turned to wave "sorry" and she rolled down her window and yelled "Happy New Year!" I was so stunned, I don't think I even replied! She wasn't angry at all and actually was happy at 7am. What a nice lady!

I look forward to your future comments! Thank you for your gift for today!