Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day Thirty-Six, Yummy Dinner

Today I couldn't even get out of bed to get the kids on the school bus...I was that weak and dizzy.  We all slept until my respite provider got here at 830am and she got everyone up and going while I slept until noon.  When I did get up I was feeling pretty good so I finished up making my meals for the co-op.  However, as I started loading them into my car I became incredibly dizzy and weak.  My respite provider was gone to the park with the kids so I really didn't have any help at the house.  I decided to call my friend who is always asking me to call her if I need anything.  I asked her if she would possibly be able to deliver my meals for me.  She gladly said yes and loaded up her kids and came right over.

I'm very thankful for my friends and my support, knowing that I have people to call when I need help, have people to cry to,  people to laugh with keeps me going.  This bronchitis has definitely gotten me discouraged and I am having to dig really, really deep to keep any kind of positive attitude.  Shortly after my friend came to get the meals our speech therapist came to work with Justin.  I always love having her here and today, even though I was in PJ's and unkept hair, today was no exception.  She got Justin working with a spoon and applesauce, he loved it, but kept missing his mouth.  It was way too cute and really cheered me up.  Right after she left I went back up stairs to bed and Tim came home around 3pm to relieve the respite provider.  My whole family was very happy that I made one of their favorites, Upside Down Pizza, and I even got a text from one of the gals in the co-op saying how much her family liked it.

Late that evening, Tim and I cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie.  He kept rubbing my hair and saying how much he was hoping I'd start feeling the end of the movie, I felt like I had started to turn the corner.  My breathing had improved and while I was tired, I wasn't overly weak.  I knew better days were just around the corner!