Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Thirty, A Little Sleep!

I am so excited that I made it through the first month...sigh...what a relief!  The kids have not been sleeping well at all due to their colds.  Actually, Tim and I have never slept through the night once our entire marriage, but that comes with having five young kiddo's, right?  I knew Tim needed to work a DUI task force tonight, which means he'll be out from 8pm to around 5am, so I wanted to make sure he got at least a little sleep.  He went to bed around 3am so I let him sleep until 11am for my gift today, he was very grateful.

We have a "system" for handling the late nights that works out well, as well as it possibly could, lol.  Tim is a night owl, so I make sure to get to bed by 10pm while he stays up with whatever children are up...if there are not any, he comes to bed, but he gets up with them if they start crying.  I'm the early bird, so around 3am, I relieve Tim, so he can get some sleep. This way we both get some sleep.  We've never really discussed this, it's just automatic.

So last night I heard Justin crying, he has been miserable with this cold.  So, I glanced over to see Tim wasn't in the bed, but he also wasn't responding to Justin.  Oh no, I thought, he feel asleep on the couch...Tim doesn't do well the next day when he sleeps on the couch.  I looked at the clock and it was 3am...I knew he was toast by this point as they were fussing around 11pm when I went to sleep.  I grabbed Justin and brought him into bed with me, he wasn't happy with this solution and he continued to moan and groan.  He sounds just like the fish Dorey on "Nemo" when he whines...when she does the "whale talk"  Anyway, I decided to bring him downstairs to watch a movie and I needed some water as my stomach acid was getting pretty bad.

It was quite a sight when I came down the stairs...Tim's 6'4" frame was sprawled across the couch, he'd removed most the cushions to get comfy and he was under a little girls comforter.  Abigail was snoring loudly just inches away from the television set on the floor, no pillow, no blanket, apparently she finally collapsed, her arms and legs were spread out like she was sky diving.  She was on Justin's foam mat that he lays on and there is no where else to put him as he can't sit up and can't lay on the couch as he might fall off just like an infant would.  So I quietly laid Justin next to sleeping Abigail.  Well, that was a mistake!  She woke up frantically angry and jealous trying to push Justin off of the mat which sent Tim in a knee jerk reaction..."It's OK" he mumbled wiping drool off of his mouth.  I gave him a kiss and told him to go to bed...he said, "What time is it?"  I told him not to worry, it was 3am and I'd take over.

It took me about 45 mins to convince Abigail that Justin watching the movie with her wasn't the end of the world.  I got really comfy on the couch with the pillows the way I need them and cuddled up.  Then right on cue, Miss Jamie starts jumping on her bed and hysterically laughing.  At this point it is 3:45 and she starts yelling out phrases...she's just learning to talk, so she was saying, "Go to the potty!", "Brush your teeth!", "Eat your dinner..."  Of course, I thought to myself as I plowed up the stairs and informed her that she was to still be sleeping or she'd wake everyone up...not that there were that many sleeping, but anyway.  I was lucky, she did stop.

We all feel asleep after 4am and got up and going around 8am...letting Tim get a few extra hours :-).