Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Forty-Four, Lunch for Four!

Today was the AWANA Grand Prix!  All five of the kids worked hard on designing and building their cars...not!  Poor Tata worked on them all by himself for an entire day...well, actually, Abigail was his right hand gal.  She followed him back and forth, checking on the paint drying status, adding stickers and wheels, etc...they working from morning till night and she was nothing less than a little doll.  Then Tata got up early to go down to the races and make sure the cars met the regulation weight while we stayed home and got all the kids ready.

We got there two minutes late with the five kids and the five cars.  The stopped the races and checked us in...sigh.  They allowed Justin to sit at the end of the track so that he could see.  We got comments about how good our chances of winning were with five racers and Tim and I split up taking head counts every other minute to make sure we didn't lose anyone in the commotion.

The races were a lot of fun...Jamie and Justin really enjoyed all the sound effects of the race cars.  Abbey and Justin made it to the semi-finals and Jamie made it to the finals...she was just one spot behind getting a trophy.  As the finalist continued to compete, Tim and I took shifts bringing kids up for lunch.  We took up a whole table by ourselves and tried to keep everyone's food and drinks under control.  After I got everyone up and eating, I realized that I had some money left never have cash.  I decided that I should do my gift for the day.  I went up to the lunch line and asked them to pay for the next four people's lunch.  They asked, "Which four people?"  I replied, "Any four people!"

They were so excited and man who looked very poor jumped in line and went back again getting two free lunches.  He stared at our family as he ate.  It made me happy that he got to enjoy his lunch for free.  Then the kids went to play on the playground while the races finished up and I scrubbed down all the chairs and tables from the lunches.  I had several people thank me and I was just so happy that I had the energy to clean up and help was a really great feeling.