Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day Sixty, Science, the Magic Way!

Today was crazy!!!  I had to make the meals for my meal group but I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishments the past few days.  I've been getting a little tired, but completely enjoying life!  I'm excited every time I change a diaper, clean the floors, or anything like that...I can do it myself!  I'm honestly scared of being bed ridden again, but I won't ever wonder if I had done all I could do...I really am enjoying every second!!!

Dakota had gotten a Magic Science Kit from my mom for his birthday...a couple of weeks later, we still hadn't opened it and he was dying of excitement.  So, today we not only did one, but plowed through five science experiments.  It is so difficult for me to give him my undivided attention...Abbey and Justin were gone for a few hours to preschool and we did science, cooking, science, cooking, science, you get the picture!  Once Abbey got home she was mesmerized by the magic wand and the crystal ball we made.  We had to hide the kit from her as she was going nuts!

Dakota had so much fun and somehow we got all the meals made, delivered and our other subjects exhausting!