Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day Fifty-Eight, A Fun Fundraiser!

Today's gift was a told myself that I would bring ALL the kids by myself to a fundraiser at the local was a country themed fun dance and auction with hot dogs, cotton candy, etc.  We went and the kids had a great time, I had difficulty keeping track of every one...sigh.  Jamie kept jumping in strangers laps and Abbey was busy chasing other toddlers.  Dakota was off with his friend and said they were "talking to girls"...sigh...and Justin was having difficulty with all the noise.  But, I was so glad that we went, we had a lot of fun and stayed for over two hours.  Tim was working a DUI task force that night so I was completely on my own.  I got them all unloaded and in bed and actually got Abbey to go to sleep in her bed (something only Tim seems to be able to do!)...

We bought several extra tickets for food to help the cause and I bought a couple things in the auction, which was very fun!  A woman came up to me from the church and said that she wanted to give away some tickets as a gift and that our family stood out...this was funny, considering it was at a church where everyone has four, fix, six, or more kids...we still apparently stood out!  I accepted the tickets graciously and thanked her and gave them to kids to get extra cotton candy or other sweets.  This was one of my most ambitious gifts...I honestly can't remember that last time I took everyone out by myself...more than a year, at least!