Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Blood Transfusion...

Today was my first blood was an interesting experience to say the least.  I had to drive into the city for my first one in case I had any negative reactions.  I was feeling pretty horrible on my way there, I am having problems with my thyroid again :-(.  When I arrived, I realized I was being sent to the Cancer Center...I was thankful that I don't have cancer.  I was seated in a recliner that was lined up with several others in front of a large window facing the sky-scape of the city.  All the recliners were full with patients thirty to fifty years my senior.  I was given a blanket and pillow's and set up for my transfusion.  It took about an hour and a half and I was feeling pretty good, especially since I had gotten my high score on Yahtzee on my phone!  I was feeling great when they had me leave...however, driving home, I realized I was quite dizzy and my ears were ringing.  I had to pull over but the symptoms were only getting worse.  Finally, I got myself home, safe and sound, where it took me a couple hours to recover.  Unfortunately, I don't know if it was the infusion or my thyroid...sigh...luckily, from now on I will be getting the infusions at home with a nurse on a weekly basis, so I can just rest following the procedure.  I am very blessed as many insurances don't allow home visits, there are many people that have to go to the clinic on a daily or weekly basis and it isn't somewhere I'd be comfortable being at regularly.